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The best ST Chargers for electric bikes

Most e-bikes come with an ST Charger and we are the official brand dealer for Europe. Via online sales channels, chances are that you will encounter poor quality chargers. And unfortunately that is not visible on the outside! Don't risk it and safely buy the original at a very competitive price. Whether it is a car charger (12 volt), an extra charger or a fast charger.
Choose original, you don't want to risk your battery through an unsafe charger! Or worse, cause a fire with all its consequences! Our chargers are provided with extensive test certificates and become much less hot during charging!

Are you currently traveling abroad with your camper, caravan or car? That is no problem for us! We deliver our products within five working days through most European countries.

Choose E-4Motion

E-4Motion has been working on the best electric vehicles and accessories for more than ten years. With our knowledge and years of experience in aircraft engineering, we started to focus on a mobility issue that sought compact, light and electric transport. We do this successfully! In 2016, for example, the ANWB selected us as the best cost-effective choice.

The benefits of E-4Motion

Thanks to the large dealer network that we have built up, we can guarantee short lines and fast communication. A location for service and maintenance of your electric bicycle and / or st liion battery charger is therefore quickly found. Our products, such as the 36-volt electric bicycle battery charger, are for sale in several European countries. This can be done through our webshop, Amazon, and at various trade fairs.

Buy electric bicycle charger

Are you looking for an ST Battery Charger or another accessory for your electric bike? Then you are at the right place at E-4Motion! We deliver our products in several European countries. Delivery takes three to five business days. So are you on holiday in Spain, France or Germany and the battery charger of the electric bike no longer works? Then you can easily order a new one through our webshop!

Please contact us

Are you interested in a fast charger for your electric bicycle? Or would you like to receive more information about the products? Then contact us without obligation to make an appointment and / or your questions. Call tel: +31172740797. You can also leave a message via our contact form. E-4Motion is available Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. We are happy to help you further!